Major Bank, Abuja

13-story office building

For a major bank in Abuja, Julius Berger Facilities Management provides total facilities management services of its office building, infrastructure and operational facilities, including an auditorium, carpark, powerhouse and gate houses.

Over 20 years of planned preventive and reactive maintenance works, Julius Berger Facilities Management has supported in the preservation of the building fabric with appropriate care for curtain wall façade of glass and granite, as well the preservation of technical installations, such as chillers, air handling units (AHU), fan coil units (FCU), power generators, 15 lifts and two escalators in continuous operation.

Our swift response time and technical knowhow has underpinned our ability to solve complex challenges with unmatched precision and value. Reaching into Julius Berger’s resource pool for consultation with specialists and access to an expanded equipment fleet, we have completed several technical projects for the bank, including the design, procurement, installation and commissioning of the bank’s world class meeting rooms and dealing room as well as the complete refurbishment of its 20+ year old roof to global standards


Building / grounds size

  • Total floor area 99,700m2

  • External area 26,200m2


Scope of services

  • Electrical, HVAC, Sanitary/Plumbing, Civil Works, Lifts/Escalators/Cradles, Soft Services (Cleaning, Gardening)


Featured refurbishment & renovations projects

Replacement of conventional lighting to LED
  • Challenge: Due to unreliable public power supply, the bank relies on diesel driven generators to safeguard operations. With the exponential rise in diesel prices as well as the high costs of the limited public power supply, the client requested an energy saving solution.

  • Solution: Julius Berger Facility Management replaced the conventional suspended ceiling light fittings with LED light panels. The solution considered the optimal hue of light colour and luminous required in an office working environment to enhance the workplace experience. Comparatively, an energy saving of 43% was achieved in the switching the conventional indoor panels to LED light panels. Meanwhile a savings of almost 400% was achieved with a further replacement of external floodlights to an LED solution. In addition, long lifespan, low voltage operations requiring almost zero maintenance contribute additional mid-to-long-term benefits.


Replacement of water faucets
  • Challenge: Shortly prior to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the bank identified a gross over-usage of water, mainly driven by human laxity. The client requested a solution that would help to responsibly reduce water consumption and wastage, with a further request to consider contactless use as recommended by the World Health Organization, in view of the pandemic.
  • Solution: Julius Berger Facility Management is replacing all faucets throughout the building with sensor-operated faucets with adjustable water control. The touchless technology could be operated via motion to activate water flow – with a set interval of time and automatic shut. The solution was hygiene-friendly as it could be operated without a physical contact, and effective as the pre-set water flow led users to wash their hands more expeditiously. As a result, water consumption in the building dropped considerably and hygienic standards were increased.