Nestoil Tower, Lagos

15-story mixed-use office building

For Nestoil Tower, the first development in West Africa to attain the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED-SILVER) certification, Julius Berger Facilities Management provides total facilities management services of its office building, infrastructure and operational facilities, including clinic, carpark, powerhouse and gatehouses, gym, plant room, IT room, apartments, carpark, garden/surroundings, helipad and basement.

Our highly skilled team manages the building fabric with appropriate care for curtain wall façade or glass, as well the preservation of technical installations, such as air handling units (AHU), fan coil units, water treatment plants, chillers, 8 lifts and three cradles in continuous operation.

With onsite and round the clock support, we work to ensure the uninterrupted continuous operation of our client’s high standard facilities, which offer dynamic businesses, multinational corporations and leading institutions, a high quality and unmatched business environment.


Building / grounds size

  • Total floor area 32,300m2
  • External area 26,200m2


Scope of services

  • Monitoring and Maintenance Building Management Systems; Electrical, HVAC, ELV, Generators, Sanitary/Plumbing, Water treatment, Mechanical, Lifts/Escalators/Cradles. Management Civil Works and Soft Services (Cleaning, Gardenin)


Featured refurbishment & renovations projects

Placement of critical equipment on Emergency generator
  • Challenge: Due to incessant power outages resulting from unreliable power supply, the client requested Julius Berger Facility Management to proffer alternative plans for building power supply in order to proactively reduce the risk of any unforeseen circumstances that could lead to a total power outage.
  • Solution: Julius Berger Facility Management in collaboration with the client’s on-site technical contractor designed and executed the connection of critical building equipment, including the water treatment and water supply system, emergency and security lighting systems, Information Technology equipment and two dedicated/emergency lifts to an emergency backup generator. This solution provided a guarantee of business continuity and a second layer of protection to keep vital elements of the buildings operations running should a total power outage occur.

Installation of UPS for Occupied Office Space
  • Challenge: As a result of frequent power changeover, due to unreliable public power supply, the lifespan of building office equipment is drastically reduced and frequent interruption affects the productivity of space occupants. The client requested Julius Berger Facility Management develop a mid-to-long-term plan to drastically reduce the impact of frequent power changeover.
  • Solution: Julius Berger Facility Management installed 250 KVA uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems on all occupied floors as a mid-term plan to cushion the effect of frequent changeover on cooling and electrical equipment. The proposed long-term plan comprises the installation of a 2000 KVA stabilizer to prevent overvoltage/under voltage from main supply. The solution is designed to stabilize public power supply to avoid negative impacts of voltage drops or surges that cause outages and frequent breakdown of critical assets like chillers, FCU, water treatment plants and borehole pumps.